Gyms overcrowding due to New Year’s Resolutions

Sophia Sgourakis, Section Editor

A new year calls for New Year’s Resolutions. Especially after 2020, there’s a lot of changes that people could start making this year. 38% of New Year’s Resolutions are fitness and health related. For most goals related to fitness, a gym is likely required. However, with the environment that Americans are in right now due to the pandemic, this may be a problem since gyms will be a busy place.
When the pandemic first hit, a lot of gyms were forced to close, which is understandable. People are breathing heavily around others and touching the same equipment. After a couple of months of lockdown, gyms finally started to open again, whether it was a responsible idea or not. Some safety protocols that gyms follow include blocking access to every other cardio machine, requiring a mask and temperature check to enter, and encouraging the cleaning of machines and equipment before and after use.
Whether or not gyms were busy after they reopened, they will be seeing a lot more business now. People with fitness resolutions have purchased gym memberships and are already taking advantage of them. This means that even more people will be in an enclosed area, amid a pandemic.
The CDC advises making sure that the gym is well ventilated in order to be as safe as possible. In Omaha during the winter, it is hard to open doors or windows in any building. However, many other cities may be able to take those kinds of precautions year-round. A lot of gyms have moved equipment outdoors or added garage doors that can help the flow of air.
A lot of gyms have struggled with cancelled memberships and less business because of COVID. Despite how dangerous gyms can be right now, they are all open to new members. Most gyms have adapted to changes in order not to be feared as a COVID hot spot. Therefore, if you are part of the 38% with fitness-related resolutions, it is important to be cautious and responsible during your journey.