Benefits of Remote Learning

February 6, 2021

Being a fully remote student has its challenges and I expected thatbut what I did not expect was the benefits. I have dyslexia, so I have some unique challenges when it comes to school. Deciding to learn remote was a risk that has paid off 

Being a fully remote student has given me better accessibility to resources that I need to succeed as a student. When I was in person, I did not have an iPad or computer with me at all times, so I did not have access to a way for worksheets and other materials to be read aloud to me. Now that I am a fully remote student, everything that I need to read for class I can listen to at that moment. I no longer need to wait till I get home to start an assignment. I have also been experiencing less stress when I am in class. I no longer fear falling behind and missing notes because I can just take a screenshot. I do not fear the teacher is going too fast, and I am in a controlled environment. I can control how loud my teachers speak, I can zoom in on worksheets to make the font larger, and I can control how fast I need to write. All of these were things I had little to no control over when I was in person.  

I am extremely dependent on my phone but not for entertainment. I struggle with spelling, quick math, and understanding unfamiliar words. Now that I am remote, I have my phone always turned on and next to me so I can ask Siri to spell something for me quickly, use my phone calculator quickly, and look up unfamiliar words without the fear of having my phone taken away. I can also have instrumental music playing whenever I want and that’s important to me because it helps me focus. My phone is one of the most useful tools for me but when I am at school, I can’t use it.  

Being at home I am able to fidget without distracting others and walk around my room when I need a break from sitting. Those are all helpful because they allow me to regain focus when I am losing it. My desk is also larger than the school desks, so I have more room to place the materials I need. More space allows me to be messy organizedFrom the outside looking in, my desk may look like a mess, but to me everything is where I need it to be. The flexibility has also been very beneficial. I now have the opportunity to change where I am sitting. For some classes I am at my desk, for others I am sitting on the floor. This flexibility is another way for me to regain focus after a long or stressful class period.  

A lot of these things I never thought about when I was in person, but they have made certain aspects of school easier for me. Learning remotely has given me a unique opportunity to learn about myself and the best ways to be a successful student. So, this online learning experience has been beneficial to me and I am grateful for it.  

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