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Students opinion on returning to Central full time

On Feb. 17, all central students will return to full in-person learning. The student body has various opinions on the plan to return back.

February 8, 2021

On Feb. 17, all central students will return to full in-person learning. The student body has various opinions on the plan to return back. One student from each grade has come forward to comment on the controversial decision.

Freshman Ella Easton agrees with going back at one hundred percent capacity. Easton points out that central has not had any COVID-19 outbreaks while operating under the 3/2 model, which is a good sign of our efficiency as a school. “I think the school is prepared because everyone has been wearing masks, social distancing, and using hand sanitizer. So as long as we continue to do that then yes, Central is prepared,” she explained.

She is also hopeful that the return to in person school will make her learning experience more effective: “Online school and the 3/2 model has effected my learning experience drastically, I haven’t been able to focus as well when I’m at home. In my classes we aren’t learning as much content as we would be in a normal school year.”

The only doubt Easton has upon returning to school is the safety within lunch periods. She believes the increase in students present in the building and taking off masks to eat could cause a potential outbreak.

Sophomore Zoey Mullins has a different opinion: “Although I am excited to return to school on the 17, I do not think it is a good idea. There is a very high risk for COVID and there is no possible way that students and teachers can maintain a six foot distance with over 2,000 people in the school.”

Mullins wants to return because she feels that she would be more productive in a normal school environment. However, lunches and passing periods would be overcrowded. Mullins is worried that the return will cause a cancellation in her soccer season this year like last March. She also has concerns about her family’s health.

“I am also concerned that I will get Covid and possibly spread it to my grandma once we go back 100 percent,” she says.

Ultimately, Mullins is excited to see her friends and get back to a regular schedule, but believes it would be in everyone’s best interest to stay with the 3/2 model.

Junior Olivia Mangiameli wants and is looking forward to the return of school the 17. She feels that online school has been depriving her of her high school experience.

“I feel like the 3/2 model is generally safer, however, I do not feel as motivated, and everything feels so optional. Plus I hate being alone because I’m very social,” Mangiameli said.

Despite Mangiameli’s parents both being vaccinated and her overall optimistic outlook, she still has concerns for her family health. Her mother is immunosuppressed, and it would be very difficult for her to quarantine away from her.

Overall, she’s just looking forward to the social and academic aspect of the return to school.

Senior Olivia Theophilus doesn’t think we should be in school at all, but if we have to, we should remain in the 3/2 model. She is looking forward to the education benefits of returning but doesn’t believe Central is prepared for anyone to come back.

She says, “I think there are a lot of kinks to work out within the classrooms, at lunch, and even during the passing periods.”

Theophilus believes that teachers will try to spread students out to the best of their ability, but doesn’t believe COVID protocols will be able to be met: “I have classes where we already aren’t 6 feet apart and adding more people will only make it worse.”

Having her circle expanded to so many people will put tremendous amounts of stress on her family.

“I think it is a safety risk not only for students but also for the teachers and everyone’s families,” she explains, “Going back to school is the only chance we get to make this year normal and allow sports and other extracurriculars to take place. As a senior, I would be upset if I didn’t get to make this year even a little bit more normal [and going back fully in person would prevent this].”

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