Reasons to give blood

February 8, 2021

There’s always been a need for blood donations. In fact, according to the Community Blood Center (CBC)every two seconds, someone needs blood. The requirements to give are very minimal. 

In order to donate blood, you must be 16 and parental permission is mandated, but the pay off is worth it. Just one pint of blood can save three lives, according to the CBC.  

Anyone over 17 can freely give blood without need of a guardian’s permission. The whole process takes about an hourwith the blood draw only taking about 10 minutes. 

Donating blood can also help you, not just people in need. The attendants first check your blood pressure and other things, as well as prick your finger to test your iron levels and other health factors. This mini check-up can make sure everything is normal in your body, and some people even discover they have things like high blood pressure through giving blood. 

Most importantly, giving blood helps people in need. 4.5 million Americans will need a blood transfusion, according to CBC. The Community Blood Center also says about 1 in 7 people who enter a hospital will need blood– all for a multitude of reasons. Cancer patients, sickle cell disease patients, and those undergoing heart surgery or organ transplants all need blood compatible with their blood typeWhen you give blood, you’re helping someone survive. 

I recently donated blood for my first time, and I plan on doing it again. It didn’t take much time out of my day, and I never experienced any side affects. The nurses were all extremely nice, and you get free food! Donating blood is such a simple way to help your community. 

Those who have had COVID-19 and recovered can make an even bigger impact by giving blood. The antibodies in your bloodstream can be used to aid current patients sick with the virus fight it off. The plasma from your blood can help save lives! 

Donating blood takes little time, and all it requires is a driver’s license, appointment, and a temperature check. If you’re still unsure of what to expect, there are many helpful sites online that will walk you through the necessary preparations. One day this year, give blood by going to and search your zip code to find a local blood drive. Your special gift will help someone in need. 

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