Incidents at Capitol Hill were disrespectful

February 8, 2021

On January 6, 2021, a rally took place on the steps of the United States’ Capitol Hill building. What started as a protest soon became a violent riot, which would later be referred to as a terrorist attack.

The group of rioters or terrorists consisted of Donld Trump supporters. Most of the trump supporters were armed and extremely dangerous. In total people were killed, 4 of them being officers. Some say that Trump insinuated for them to march onto capitol hill, but this was never actually explicitly stated.

Inside of Capitol Hill right before the attack, Government Officials were working on verifying Joe Biden as the United States next President. Most Trump supporters believe that election fraud took place during the recent president election, and Donald Trump was the rightful winner of the election. Donald Trump himself, on multiple occasions, stated that he agreed with this statement and that the election was nowhere near fair.

This attack was very much uncalled for violence ad was extremely disrespectful to our country. Members of the Government and workers within the capital were being attacked for just doing their jobs. Capitol Hill is one of the United States’ symbols for democracy and by attacking this important building, it was an act against that. Even though most Trump supports claim that they fight for the country and its democracy, they actively acted against that. This attack was counterproductive to Trumps leading slogan, “Make America Great Again”.

During the riot when it started to become dangerous, Joe Biden came onto TV and made a statement. In this statement he refused to refer to them as rioters, but instead as domestic terrorists. This statement is true based on what Capitol Hill represents and how important it is in the United States. Joe Biden also referred to it as, “an act against democracy”.

At the end of his statement Joe Biden called onto Trump to make a statement and tell his supporters to go home.

Minutes later Trump responded and called for the rioters or terrorists to leave Capitol Hill and go home. He also talked once again about election fraud and how he empathized with their anger. He said he loved them and understood their pain.

This in fact did the opposite of convincing the trump supporters to return home. Instead, it can be argued that it added fuel to the fire, and let the rioters know that Trump agreed with their beliefs, which didn’t deteriorate from their violent actions.

With all this information in consideration it is fair to label this as a domestic terrorism attack, and an uncalled-for level of violence. There is no valid proof to support that there was major election fraud, and that Trump should have been re-elected.

Later that night after the riot was over, officials returned to the capitol and verified that Biden was the 46th president. So, the acts of violence against Capitol Hill, in the end, did no good for the goals Trump supporters were supposedly trying to reach.

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