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Upcoming block scheduling could be a positive change

February 10, 2021

Block scheduling will be implemented next year. Although there are drawbacks, block scheduling can create many potential opportunities for instructors and students to benefit from.

Several students agree that they do not like block scheduling. This is because they feel unmotivated to finish all of their assignments each night when they have an extra day to do them.

But an extra day to relax and plan can be a good thing. Block periods can create extra days to study for tests and the ability to focus on less subjects every night. This increases the time students can spend working on one subject as well, because they have less to do, and they may understand the material and perform better.

Because block periods allow students to do less homework every night, school might feel more manageable and less overwhelming. This schedule also makes it very easy to plan out the week when juggling extracurricular activities, home life and assignments. When something comes up unexpectedly during the day, the flexibility of block scheduling lets students be flexible too.

Should students want to have work done for all their classes each day, block periods will give them the opportunity to get work done early or turned in before the due date. For many students, this could be stress relieving. Also, depending on the teacher, more time in class will be available to finish work, freeing students of homework in the afternoon to work or engage in their personal interests instead.

A block scheduling routine will benefit teachers too. Classes will be longer so more content can be covered in further detail. Lessons and instructions will not have to be kept short to save time, so teaching can be more in-depth and more time can be taken to answer questions.

Accelerated classes will also be able to cover more content, meaning instruction can be less condensed and rushed. This will help these students learn, absorb and comprehend the material given to them.

Teachers can hold longer class or group discussions as well. Longer class periods will ensure that discussions won’t be cut short and more students can talk. Teachers will also be able to host thorough dialogue that can cover a broader range of topics.

Central is still facing uncertainties when it comes to introducing this new schedule into the school. The transition poses many difficulties. But block scheduling is capable of forming countless new opportunities for learning, teaching and student life. Overall, block scheduling at Central High school presents undeniable benefits for staff and students.

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