AP makes changes to 2021 exams

Sophia Sgourakis, Section Editor

The pandemic has drastically affected how teachers teach and how students learn. The AP community has supported learning environments by making some changes. Instead of just offering one test option that would only benefit some students and teachers, they are offering a variety of testing options for the 2021 AP exams.
When our lives were completely disrupted in March of 2020, remote teaching began. Along with this, all AP exams were shortened and moved to online. Instead of a 3–4-hour exam, they were only around 45 minutes in order to accommodate students at home.
This year, more changes are occurring. From April 19-29, live review sessions will take place in order to ensure students are ready for their exams. In addition, cancellation fees will be waived to give students the most flexibility as possible.
The new schedule for the 2021 AP Exams includes three testing dates for each subject between early May and mid-June. Tests scheduled for May 3-17 will be the traditional test: in school, paper, and pencil. On days May 18-28, half of the subjects will be paper and pencil in school, and the other half will be full-length digital. Most subjects on days June 1-11 will be digital exams.
The AP added a note, saying, “Schools don’t need to pick just one of the testing windows or modes. AP coordinators can authorize a mix of at-home and in-person exams and mix testing dates, as needed.”
However, there are rumors that OPS is going to require all students to take the in-person exams. Although I would not be surprised if this changes because some students are still not comfortable with being surrounded by other people.
Starting in early March, AP registration and ordering will be updated. This is when teachers will be able to start assigning students to their designated testing date, depending on their preferred testing option.
The AP has been consistent in accommodating to changes that students and teachers have faced because of the pandemic.