Block scheduling is limiting for students

February 22, 2021

It was recently announced to students that block scheduling will be starting next year at Central. The plan is to separate classes into two alternating days with four periods each and a built-in lunch. This new schedule is an unnecessary change that limits students and teachers.

Students have already had to face numerous changes to their daily life because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the past year, students left school and were required to learn online. Not only this, but we have also had to switch schedules several times on a moment’s notice. This includes starting online school, changing to the three-two education model, switching back to remote learning and now going back fully in-person. To say this year has been overwhelming for students is an understatement.

The last thing that students need is another sudden change to our daily life. Block scheduling could not have been announced at a worse time.

Personally, I have not heard even one of my classmates or teachers say that they wish we had block scheduling. Why waste so much time and energy to make a schedule change that no asked for? All of this effort should be applied to another place, like taking steps to improve student’s mental wellbeing in such a stressful time.

Block scheduling is also worrying because it cuts the number of classes down from nine to eight in order to make room for a lunch period. This may seem good at first, but in reality it takes away the opportunity for students to take an extra class. Currently, many motivated students choose not to take a lunch or study hall in order to pick up an extra class. The new schedule cuts out this choice, which will force students to take less classes.

The reason block scheduling is being implemented at Central is so that all OPS high schools will run on the same schedule. This standardization is unnecessary, and I struggle to understand the actual reason why OPS high schools should run on four period days.

Additionally, the fact that Central has a traditional schedule is one of the reasons many choose to attend this school. Making Central match all the other schools’ schedule gives students no options to choose what they feel would be the best fit for them.

Central should remain on a traditional schedule. It’s what makes the most sense for us. And in year were student’s lives have been constantly changing, this change just feels like another hindrance for us.

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