Pros and cons of workout culture

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Since the start of 2021, people have begun their fitness journeys to attempt to reach the goals they always wanted to achieve. The gym is a place that is only fun and entertaining if you make it, meaning you must be in the right mindset in order to see results and not get burnt out. This way of thinking and living can come with many positive and negative outcomes, which is the risk one takes when starting their workout habits 

The workout culture that can lead to a great relationship with the gym begins with how one perceives the gym overall. When you only focus on yourself and your goals, how you see the gym and what it brings you can lead to amazing results. It will give you a growth mindset and you will be confident in yourself.  

On the other hand, the gym is one of the quickest places to lose confidence. Seeing all the fit people around you that are much farther ahead in their journeys can really set you back. It all comes down to your perception of the gym and how you handle the situation. Looking at the gym as a place that is only for you and not for comparison will help overcome this negative thought that leads many to stop working out altogether.  

Another make or break part of your gym experience is how much you work out. When starting to work out regularly, you get a burst of adrenaline and excitement to keep going. You feel as if your life is on track and you have a routine. Of course, it is amazing to build the habit of working out and staying on top of it, but distinguishing where to draw the line between a habit and rest can be damaging.  

Working your body to the point of exhaustion will do nothing for you mentally and physically. Resting is equally, if not more important, than the actual workouts themselves. One might begin to feel guilty for taking breaks days at a time, leading to a damaged mental state all from something that was supposed to help.  

Overall, there really are two sides to every story, even with an activity as simple as working out. Keeping a growth mindset and knowing that change is beneficial will lead to a successful time at the gym. The gym is a place that can quite literally change your life, but it is up to you to determine how it changes.