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Avoiding burnout crucial to success

March 5, 2021

This school year has brought with it unprecedented challenges in learning. With this odd semester, teachers may find it difficult to judge what a healthy amount of homework looks like. It is not uncommon to see burnout occur in students, considering all aspects of this school year. It is important to be able to recognize potential symptoms of burnout, how to prevent it, and how to deal with feeling burnt out.

Some common symptoms of burnout are as follows: exhaustion, cynicism, and feelings of incapability. Exhaustion is the most common, however, as burnout is a result of overworking. A more severe symptom can be seen in depression or anxiety. If you find yourself dealing with any of these symptoms, a good choice would be to examine your current feelings toward school and practice some of the tips for handling burnout.

The best way to prevent absolute exhaustion surrounding school is to incorporate moments of self-care into each day. By taking a short walk to clear your head or making a point to enjoy your favorite food, you can divert some of the stress from the school day. Caring for your mental state is the number one way to prevent burnout.

For some, intense physical exercise may be the best way to clear up some of the mental fog that can build up because of school. For others, it may be necessary to relax and read a book or watch a movie. Listening to your body’s current needs will help you to connect more deeply with your mental state and maintain a healthy mindset.

Because burnout is caused by a buildup of stress, time management is an important skill to work on. Dedicating time out of your day to work on schoolwork and study will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by a looming due date or test. Along with this, a vital part of time management is keeping a written to-do list. Writing down your tasks can assist you in planning out your time to study, which may prevent potential procrastinating that can occur without a set plan.

Another key factor in preventing burnout is finding someone to talk to about your emotions. Whether it is a friend, parent, counselor, or therapist, being able to release some of the stress of everyday life can be key in avoiding the buildup of stress.

You may also find that you are not alone in your struggles. Often, you will find that a friend or someone else close to you is going through the same feelings of burnout and talking about those feelings is an effective way to regain motivation for school.

Most importantly, remember that you are never defined solely by your academic achievements. Your grades do not determine what you can accomplish in life, so try not to overstress yourself at school.



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