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Group Watch

March 12, 2021

With Covid-19 cases still increasing people are having to find alternative ways to connect with friends and family. Hulu, Netflix, and Disney plus have all released ways to group watch shows and movies with friends and family. All three streaming service group watch options are slightly different.  

Disney plus group watch is easy to use. The user needs to click on a movie or show and then select the group watch icon and text or email the link to the others who want to participate. When everyone is connected, and the movie or show begins, the participants can send emojis to each other and they will appear on the bottom of the screen. Personally, I enjoy Disney plus group watch I watch it frequently with my sister, but we often facetime while using it because just the use of emojis is not enough for us personally.  

Netflix group watch takes a bit more time to set up the first time it is used. Unlike Disney plus, Netflix group watch is not incorporated in the app, the user needs to download a chrome extension called TelepartyThe user will select something to watch and then share the link with the others. Teleparty has a chat on the side of the screen which allows the participants to communicate with each other. Netflix group watch works well but personally it is my least favorite. It was the most complex to figure out and the group watch is not located in the app.  

Hulu’s group watch is a combination of Disney plus and Netflix. Like Disney plus, Hulu’s group watch is located in the app and the user simply needs to select a show or movie and send the link to the other participantsSimilar to Netflix Hulu’s group watch was a chat located to the side of the screen and participants can send emojis to each other. Personally, believe that Hulu’s group watch is the best. It combines the positive aspects of Netflix and Disney plus. It is easy to use and the chat with emojis is the most enjoyable.  

All three services have a good group watch that does its job. Using anyone of these is a great way to stay connected with friends and family while social distancing.

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