Why in-person learning has benefited many students

March 15, 2021

As everyone knows, OPS high schools have been back all in person since February 17. I think that this change to all in person learning has actually benefited many students in many ways.  

While I think that 3/2 was a smart and safe way to start to bring everyone back, I think that the schedule could get a bit confusing and a little chaotic. There have also just been so many schedules implemented this year that I think that having the normal schedule back brought back full time brougha small sense of normalcy back to the classroom.  

To start off, I think that a lot of students are having a much easier time focusing in class. When classes are online and at home there are a lot more distractions including phones, families and so many other things. I think that now that students are back in a proper learning environment it’s a lot easier to actually pay attention and learn. I also believe that students feel like they can ask questions when they are back in the classroom compared to online learning where students feel awkward or nervous to ask questions. Students can now ask teachers questions the way that they have been doing it their whole lives and not get behind because of something they are confused about. 

I also think that it has helped students to get their homework done. The last thing that someone wants to do after sitting at their desk attending online classes all day is continue to sit at that desk and work on homework for the rest of the day. I think that being able to move around to different classes everyday at school and then going home to do homework helps to diminish the fatigue that comes with sitting in the same spot all day.  

believe that the social lives of students have also benefited from going back to all in person learning. Many people benefit mentally from being able to see and talk to friends and teachers in person and I think going back to all in person has given students a way to do this safely. Personally, I am a very extroverted person and seeing other people gives me motivation and energy to do things but after being stuck inside my room for months I found my motivation starting to decrease. But being back in school and being able to see teachers and friends again has motivated me quite a bit and I’m sure it has motivated others as well. 

Now, I’m not saying that going back to all in person has solved all of the problems that students and teachers have had this year because that would be a blatant lie. But I definitely think that this transition was a step in the right direction for students and I hope that next year there will more steps made in the right direction.  

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