Senior reflects on past years at Central

April 22, 2021

It seems like just yesterday I was walking through the doors of Central High School, nervous for the next four years of my life. Now, I’m writing my last story for newspaper and finishing up the last units of my other classes. It is no question that in just four years, Central has had such a vital impact on my life.
Arguably, the most influential part of Omaha Central is the diversity amongst students. For me, the inclusion and acceptance that is present at Central taught me to embrace things that I was not familiar with and listen to a different point of view. I have become more aware and understanding of lives outside of my own. Central has emphasized the belief that everyone is worthy, deserving, and capable of opportunities.
I have always been an ambitious, dedicated student. During high school, when I was given more independence and greater opportunity to become distracted, I could have easily changed course. Teachers and peers at Central did not allow that to become an option. Grades are earned through hard work and the desire to learn. Students at Central strive to excel in the classroom, which leads to a sense of friendly competition: who will do the best on pop themes, who will receive 4’s and 5’s on the AP tests, who will survive AP World History with Mrs. Reed?
I am saddened that my senior year has been anything but normal. At the end of my high school career, I will have gone to school in person for two days during my senior year. I have never attended a traditional prom. I was unable to work on a printed paper as section editor for the newspaper and I could not complete volunteer hours for National Honor Society. More importantly, I was not able to be in the classroom with my teachers and peers that started this journey with me four years ago.
Although this is not how I would choose my high school years to end, Omaha Central has given me an awareness that life can be challenging. Despite these circumstances and uncertainties, Central has taught me resilience. I’ve been encouraged to excel in academics despite these obstacles. I have learned how to create an impact in a virtual environment. With the uncertainty and division in the world right now, Central has given me a framework for stability and determination. I have been given the tools to rise up and meet adversity and continue to excel in ways I could not have imagined. I intend to carry on the Eagle tradition and spread my wings and soar.

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