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Year teaches life lessons

April 29, 2021

I think we can agree that this year has been like no other. Our lives were completely flipped upside down because of the pandemic, and we were each left to navigate this scary situation in the dark. Now that vaccinations are increasing, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After a year of confusion and disheartenment, I took some time to reflect on what I have learned from this time.  

The very first lesson I learned back in March is that I need to be more appreciative of the present moment, no matter what situation presents itself in front of me.  

When school was cancelled for the remainder of the year, I remember feeling heartbroken that I would not get to have a normal sophomore year of high school. This was a different feeling compared to when school was only cancelled for an extra week after spring break.  

At the present moment, with all the stress of junior year, I feel like I could use an impromptu break from school. It has become clear to me that no matter what my current situation is, I will likely always wish it were different in some way.  

It is human nature to always feel like we are missing something, and each person struggles to feel content with their current situation in life. I notice this about myself, and I have been trying to be more appreciative because I have come to realize that time is precious.  

Secondly, I learned that human connections and relationships are priceless. As an introvert, I enjoy my alone time. But during the spring of 2020, I was just longing to be around my friends. The boredom and feelings of isolation felt suffocating, but the small moments of human interaction made the time bearable. I realized how important it is to see people you care about, and how much friendships can brighten your life.  

All in all, this year has been challenging yet rewarding. I have learned things about myself that would have remained mysteries if not for the events of the past year. I hope to move forward with my newfound knowledge into brighter times. 


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