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Lacrosse goalkeeper reflects on time spent playing

April 30, 2021

Lacrosse is picking up in the Midwest and has now become a sport sponsored by Central. Started around late 2018, female students have enjoyed “being a part of a welcoming and inclusive team,” according to goalkeeper Kenya Winston. 

Winston has been playing lacrosse for a year now. “I was introduced to it by my best friend, Quinn,” she said. “It was something I’d never done before, and I knew it would be fun to do it with friends.” 

Although lacrosse is secondary to Winston’s volleyball career, she is hoping to get a scholarship in the sport for college. “I’m looking into continuing lacrosse at Duke or UNC. There’s so many schools that have lacrosse, you just don’t really know about it,” she said. 

Lacrosse is beneficial for Winston in many ways, including her main sport of volleyball. “I feel like it’s made me more agile and helped me with leadership skills on and off the volleyball court,” she said. 

In addition to increased athleticism, the keeper has found that lacrosse helps in her personal life as well. “It has also helped me manage time and friendships,” she said. 

Regarding time management, Winston says it is not that difficult to balance lacrosse and other activities. “Lacrosse is not sponsored by the NSAA, so it’s more flexible and almost like a club,” she said. “We still are committed to the team, but we only practice around twice a week, with one game per week as well.” 

The lacrosse girls have won some significant games. “We won against Westside, who is kind of our rival because before Central started their own team, we played with the girls from Westside, she said. “It was a meaningful win.” 

Central also won against Duchesne 18-5. “It was a high scoring game and really fun,” she said. Lacrosse matches fluctuate in scoring depending on the defense of both teams. “In the past, there have been games where we have scored 21 points, or only 7.” 

Winston Is involved in the defensive end as goalkeeper. “It’s my favorite position, and I’m surprisingly good at it for only playing lacrosse for one year.” 

The junior plans on trying out again next year and seeing where lacrosse takes her. “I’ve made some pretty great memories. I love it,” she said. “I can’t wait for next year.” 

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