Concerts set to start again in 2021

May 4, 2021

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, concerts were put on hold for over a year. This was a difficult
adjustment for many; seeing a musician live is an experience that was greatly missed during this time.
However, with vaccines continuing to be administered, more and more musicians and venues have
begun to plan for the future.
There will be restrictions in place for these upcoming shows like what has been done for other public
events. This means that as of now, 100% capacity will not be permitted, masks must be worn, and social
distancing will be observed. This is necessary for keeping everyone safe and able to enjoy their
In an interview with the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, Dr. Fauci expressed his thoughts
on the matter by noting that the future of concerts will also have much to do with how much of the
population is vaccinated. He believes the safest time would be when between 75-85 percent of
Americans have received the vaccine. Paired with other precautions, the safety of the performer and the
audience can be ensured.
But what will this mean for Omaha specifically? 1% Productions is a locally owned live music and
entertainment business that owns various venues around Omaha. These include The Waiting Room in
Benson and the Reverb Lounge. They previously put concerts on hold, but recently, they have
announced a return.
Because 1% Productions is a local business, they usually host artists with a smaller fanbase. This means
that small or local musicians will finally be able to return to the stage and receive more exposure in the
music scene. In fact, they have already started hosting shows in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. With a
smaller crowd, it will be easier to regulate and ensure safety.
There are still many unknowns about concerts in the coming year, but with guidelines being followed,
Dr. Fauci has stated that they may be a success. This is an exciting step in returning to the times before
Covid, but it is still important to stay safe and smart.

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