Conflict surrounding Johnson and Johnson vaccine

May 4, 2021

As the vaccine roll-out continues, concerns persist due do the speed of vaccine creation and distribution
as well as political conflicts. Recently, conflict has emerged surrounding the Johnson and Johnson
COVID-19 vaccine.
Initially, this vaccine raised concerns because it has a lower efficacy rate compared to its counterparts,
Modern and Pfizer. Different technology was also used in creating the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that
set it apart. The vaccine is given in one shot and was only approved for the use of people ages 18 and
In fact, Omaha Public Schools distributed Johnson and Johnson to most of its teachers. The one shot was
an appealing aspect of this vaccine, but complications have arisen.
According to news sources, there have been about 15 people out of seven million who have suffered
severe blood clotting because of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine they received. Many states, including
Nebraska, have halted the use of this vaccine because of the concerns. The unknowns and possibility of
complications have turned many Americas off to the thought of receiving a vaccine.
In an interview conducted by the Scientific American with Wilbur Chen, an infectious disease physician
scientist, Chen states, “We have incomplete data as of now, but it looks like the risk is less than one in a
million right now. That may change, and I think we will get more clarity on those numbers—both in
terms of the number of cases and the total number of vaccines administered to date.”
The amount of unknowns surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, especially Johnson and Johnson, have caused
a slight lull in vaccine distribution. Medical professionals, along with the CDC, continue to urge
Americans to receive a vaccine.

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