Drinking water can help you in your daily life

May 18, 2021

Many people don’t understand the importance of healthy hydration habits, but it is an extremely vital aspect to one’s health. Learning how to maintain a healthy hydration schedule is very beneficial. 

Water is the most necessary resource for humans, and it is common knowledge that a person can die if they go three days without water. According to a recent article from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)water helps your body keep a normal temperaturelubricate and cushion your joints, protect the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. 

Water is a necessity for everyone, but it can be much more important in some situations. The CDC states that, “Your body needs more water when you are in hot climates, more physically active, running a fever, or having diarrhea or vomiting.” Not drinking enough water in these situations could be fatal or lead to dehydration.  

When experiencing dehydration, someone can feel intense fatigue, headaches, confusion, or dizziness. Many people that drink a very minimal amount of water throughout the day don’t see the most severe symptoms, but face headaches, tiredness, and a lack of motivation. This lack of motivation can greatly affect one’s mood and life altogether, continuing a cycle of meaningless dehydration. 

Drinking a healthy amount of water to negate the effects of dehydration has excellent rewards. Healthy drinking habits makes exercise feel less painful and more rewarding, while also increasing energy levelsWithout the fatigue of dehydration, someone can be much more productive and active. 

Some people drink unhealthy and dehydrating drinks while expecting them tact the same as water. In relation to sports drinks that claim to have hydrating value, the CDC claims, “These are flavored beverages that often contain carbohydrates, minerals, electrolytes, and sometimes vitamins. The average person should drink water, not sports drinks, to rehydrate.” Carbonated soft drinks and juices do not have the same effect as water either, and should not act as a substitute. 

The CDC provides a few tips to help start healthy hydration habitsCarry a water bottle with you and refill it throughout the day. Freeze some freezer safe water bottles. Take one with you for ice-cold water all day long. Choose water over sugary drinks, opt for water when eating out. You’ll save money and reduce calories. Serve water during meals. Add a wedge of lime or lemon to your water. This can help improve the taste and help you drink more water than you usually do.” 

Ultimately, maintaining healthy hydration habits can have a monumental impact on your health and wellbeing.  

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