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Summer Activities

May 25, 2021

With summer almost here and with the Covid vaccine available, plans are being made.  With so many options it can be hard to figure out what to do first. Whether plans are with friends, family or just yourself below is a list of fun and safe summer activities.  

  • Have a water balloon fight- whether this is with a group of friends or family it is an activity that can keep people cool on these warm summer days.  
  • Go swimming- A pool day with friends or family is another way to stay cool this summer.  
  • Hike- Hiking is a way to get some fresh air and remain socially distant. This is an activity that can be done alone or with others. Trails in Omaha are Standing Bear Lake Loop, Zorinsky Lake Trial Full Loop, Neale Wood Nature Center Trail and many more.  
  • Go on a bike ride- This is another activity to remain active and socially distant. There is the Keystone Trail, Tranquility Park and many more.  
  • Go to a farmers’ market- Going to a farmers’ market is a way to support local farmers and businesses. There is the Omaha’s Farmers Market in Aksarben Village on Sundays, the Old Market Farmers Market on Saturdays, and more.  
  • Go on a day trip- If someone has a car this is an activity that can be done with friends. People can drive to Kansas, Lincoln, and Iowa.  
  • Read- Whether this is done alone or form a book club reading is a way to keep your mind engaged during the summer.  
  • Learn a new skill- gardening, grilling, how to skateboard, roller skate, bake, drive. Maybe not all of these skills are needed but it can be fun to learn them.  

After a long and different school year summer is just around the corner. Whether people choose to spend it with friends, family or alone it should fun and safe.  

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