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Standing desks in schools

and why we should have them

May 27, 2021

Almost every day I find myself at school sitting at my desk, trying my best to keep my eyes open while also trying to learn. When this happens, I try my best to stand up and move around a bit just to wake myself up, but I quickly have to sit back down so that I don’t disrupt class. From what my friends have told me, I am definitely not the only one struggling to stay awake. I think that because of this, classrooms should all have the option of standing desks. While I don’t think that we should completely replace sitting desks in the classroom, I do think that there should be 2 or 3 standing desks available in each classroom for students to use as they please.  


Standing desks would help to keep awake in class. Because students are so prone to getting little to no sleep because of sports, homework and other things, a lot of students struggle to stay awake. A study done by researchers in 2018 found that around 73% of students don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. This can cause students to be exhausted which makes it a struggle for many students to keep their eyes open during class. Because of this, grades may begin to fall because of the student’s lack of focus and understanding of what they are supposed to be learning. I think that having standing desks would keep students awake and present in the classroom.  


On top of helping students to focus in school, standing desks can also help to improve students’ overall health. According to Healthline, when someone sits for extended periods of time every day, their chances of diabetes, early death and heart disease are increased.  


Another thing that it can help with is posture. As many people are aware, a lot of teenagers have horrendous posture (I am one of these teenagers) and sitting all day everyday does not help at all. By having standing desks, students would not have to hunch over desks all day. Especially since many students go from sitting at desks all day at school to sitting in front of a computer or iPad all night to do homework, play games, etc.  

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