Letter to Past Self: First Week of School

August 25, 2021

Dear past self,  

The new school year has begun. This means lost freshmen, sophomores who mostly know what they are doing, juniors who just want to survive and seniors that are already over it. 

The first week of school can be stressful, especially for underclassmen. With finding classrooms, the insane amount of people in the halls, the time limit, teacher yelling to get to class, old and new friends, the upperclassmen and new teachers, it’s amazing that people survive.  

After the first few days, the chaos settles or maybe only feels like it does. Finding classrooms and the best routes to them slowly becomes second nature but it can take time. If it does, teachers are always willing to help. Upperclassmen may be less enthusiastic to help because we are also trying to get to our classes.  

 Now a few tips to help survive the hallways. One, don’t be afraid to shove through people. It is common to have large groups of people crowding where you need to go. The hallways are no place for manners, shove through them and then apologize if needed. Two, don’t be those people that crowd in the middle of the hallway. If you want to talk to people, hug the wall. Three, you will be shoved and there is no point getting offended by it if it was caused by someone wanting to get by. Four, don’t stop on the stairs. Everyone around you will hate you for it.  

Central is a large school with a large amount of people, but the good thing about that is you will always find people who are willing to help. So, lean on each other.  

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