Some Unrealistic Standards Men Put on Women

August 27, 2021

I am going to talk about body hair, the thing that makes people stare, cringe and judge. I’m going to speak on how western society has pressured women to be hairless to feel desirable, even though every human was born with hair, and it is completely normal to be hairy everywhere.

Women are shaving every day and getting waxes to fit into this society where hair is only acceptable on men. I’m tired of us having to constantly fit into these unattainable expectations for women, when as adolescents get older, we grow more hair and have more hair than we did when we were little kids. Body hair is a sign of growth, I don’t understand why it is seen as gross or unclean when a girl walks by with hairy legs and hairy armpits, or why us girls shave our entire bodies before hanging out with a guy, just so we won’t get ridiculed for having hair on our bodies as if it was our choice to have hair in the first place.

But even in the world of hooking up, no one has ever had a problem with hair on a guy’s body parts, since that’s seen as normal, and manly, when a good percentage of guys in schools don’t even take care of themselves that often, so technically it should be seen as more gross or unclean. Teenage girls are brainwashed into thinking that they must shave their bodies to feel desired by the male species and are takin aback after seeing women purposefully showing off their body hair as if it was something to like and be appreciative of.

It’s the same thing with plastic surgery. Everyone wants to fit into the European standards of what a woman should look like, to please men, especially on social media, and same thing for BBL’s and boob jobs. Every woman you’ll come across that has had surgery will say she did it for herself, but if society and social media hadn’t convinced her that her face or body was not perfect the way it was, then she wouldn’t have paid tons of money to get the procedures done.

At the end of the day, it always goes back to men and what they want. It’s been permanently engraved into our brains that the men’s way is the best way. Even in the 20th century, film and books are proof of men making unrealistic standards for women and what we should do to please them. It’s pathetic.

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