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Why You Need the 70-30 Rule in Your Life

September 20, 2021

Listen up fashion geeks and wannabe good dressers. I’m here to give you a fashion tip you can use for life. I know, I know you’re welcome but seriously listen up. Today I’m going over the 70-30 rule and fixing your closet. With trends and fast fashion, it can be hard to find your personal style without spiraling in a tornado of Pinterest boards, fashion tips on Tiktok and a pile of clothes that you will trade up in a couple weeks. So, I’m here to fix that and we’re going to do that by using the 70-30 rule. To start, 70 percent of the clothes in your closet are basics, which we will go over, and the remaining 30 percent are patterned pieces, your style, and even trends, which again we will come back too. Let’s start off with the basics. Even though it may seem like a simple black and white T-shirt, it really depends on your style. For example, if you want to dress like you live in the 90s you will need a neutral pair of pants, plaid skirts, a leather jacket, a white headband and baggy jeans. You can see there is a patterned item in there, displaying that not all basics for every style must be plain, though most are. If you do not know your style or like a lot of different pieces, that’s perfectly okay. So, let’s go over simple basics that are essential to every style. Black, white and blue jeans and/or pants, black and white short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, leather and jean jackets, black and white shoes and tank tops of any color are the key essentials needed for every outfit. Now that you have your basics, it’s time to move on the remaining 30 percent. Like I said earlier, it’s really anything you want, but this is your chance to really show off your style. Some examples are patterned pants, abstract shirts, fun jackets and floral print tops. Again, these are just examples, it just depends on your style and what you like. One last thing I will leave you with concerning the 30 percent is building a wardrobe takes time, it does not just happen overnight, so be patient. And again, it can be hard to stick with one style so don’t. Try everything you want to. You like what you like and it’s your style. No one else should pick what you wear. Of course, it’s okay to be influenced, that’s what fashion magazines and articles are for, but it’s not okay to let someone completely pick your style without your opinion. Listen, no one else knows who they are, so who cares what they think of you. Take a chance and wear what you want. By following this rule, you achieve two things: you always have an outfit you like, and you are dressing sustainably. Basics and your style are all it takes. So, there you go the 70-30 rule, think about it and give it a try. As always, dress the way you dress because no one else will.


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