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Senior athlete reflects on multi-sport career

October 15, 2021

Claire Williams has participated cross country, basketball, and track during her time here at Central. Being a multi-sport athlete, Williams states sports have not only helped her physically, but also as an individual.

“Playing and doing three sports keeps me busy all year round, but it’s made me a better person by teaching me time management and how to communicate better with others. I’ve also developed many great friendships through sports, it can be stressful at times but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Williams has played select basketball since second grade, ran track since seventh grade, and has participated in cross country since her sophomore year. With a lot of experiences in athletics Williams expresses how her love for basketball is greater than the other two.

“I love basketball the most. Basketball brings out the best in me and I’ve played it since second grade and it’s really helped me develop along the way,” Williams said.

Williams expresses how playing multiple sports helps her prepare for all of them.

“Cross country definitely helps me prepare for basketball. I’m already in shape when the season starts and that helps when we are trying to condition for basketball.”

For her upcoming seasons, Williams has high expectations for her and her teammates in all three of her sports.

“My expectation for this year for basketball is to win state, and for track is to make it to state again. Along with that my goal for cross country is to run a twenty-one again,” Williams said.












For basketball, Williams believes her and her teammates did well last year in basketball compared to previous seasons. Because of this she has full confidence they will make it on their journey to state.

“Last year my teammates and coaches worked really hard to get as far as we did and because of that we’ll be able to go even further this year. I’m really happy with the

progress we’ve made as a whole, and am most excited for my basketball season because of this, “Williams said.

After her high school career ends Williams states she does plan on playing in college but is waiting to commit till after her senior season. With all of this on her plate, Williams has been given opportunity to reflect on her growth as an athlete.

“My biggest change from freshman year to senior year is my confidence. As a freshman I wasn’t very confident in myself and I was scared a lot of the time. As I’ve gotten older, the confidence in myself has developed and I can handle pretty much anything given to me,” Williams states.

Williams expresses the bittersweet emotions that have developed and will continue to as she partakes in some of her last games as an eagle.

“The thing is I am going to miss most is playing with my teammates and working with the best coaches,” Williams said. “I would stay an extra year if I could just play with them again. I’m also going to miss the way the student body at Central supports their athletes, especially the student sections.”

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