Why you should keep a clean room

Many people do not realize that simply keeping their rooms clean can provide several health benefits. While some may prefer a messy and disorganized room, there is scientific proof that you will generally feel better and more accomplished if you maintain a clean space of living. The National Sleep Foundation found that people who make their beds every morning are nineteen percent more likely to report regularly getting a good night’s sleep. Additionally, studies have shown that cleanliness is an easy and accurate way to determine a person’s physical health. This is because those who keep their rooms tidy by regularly performing tasks like making their bed or dusting are also more likely to follow a set of exercise goals to keep their health in shape.  

Organization and overall cleanliness are not the easiest things to manage for many people. Clutter can build up over the years and result in an excess number of unnecessary items that can be difficult for people to spot at first glance. I consider myself an organized person but can still without a doubt walk to my closet and pick out at least ten items I do not need. Old shoes, clothes, toys, and random miscellaneous items that don’t serve a purpose anymore can still be found in various places of my room. However, it is still very challenging to let go of clutter even when you recognize it because of the potential emotional feelings attached to old objects.  

The best ways to get rid of clutter are by either donating it or throwing it away. A helpful solution to people who have trouble letting go of old objects is to take a photograph of the item so they can always have a reminder. It is also possible to organize your room to a point where you can reserve a small storage space for important items that you just can’t give away.  

Time can be another problem for people who can’t seem to maintain a clean room. Getting into the rhythm of setting aside five minutes to make your bed in the morning can make a big difference in your day. For me, I like to vacuum, dust, and tidy my room every other week, usually on Sundays. It is a habit I fully adopted by starting off slowly. Taking things one step at a time regarding organization is a great way to submerge yourself in a happier and more productive lifestyle.