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Christmas is the worst holiday

December 9, 2021

Christmas is by far the worst holiday. The entire season is obnoxious and stressful, and it’s more of a hassle that people dread than an enjoyable time of year.

Every major “American” holiday is stressful. Cooking meals for large groups of people is frustrating, might as well order takeout. Plus people are forced to get together with family they pretend to like, all while talking about mundane topics everyone pretends to be interested in. Attendees exaggerate their yearly accomplishments, while conveniently leaving out the bad parts. The traditions are sick with idealism.

But if that wasn’t enough, Christmas adds another stress on top of the usual ones: gifts. Buying presents for all the people one feels obligated to is exhausting, especially to people who have financial problems. No one wants to buy their second-cousin a new lamp shade when they can’t afford to fill their own fridge.

Buying relatives gifts they like is another battle in of itself. Most of the time no one knows what to buy each other, so they buy presents that the other person doesn’t really like or need. Then these presents are thrown away, classic wasteful, capitalist consumerism.

Consumerism bring out the worst in people. Just look at Black Friday! Mobs of people every Black Friday storm stores after waiting in line in the freezing cold for hours on end the night before, just to storm stores as soon as they open. People get in physical fights and get injured, as for things they can’t afford, meanwhile the media watches for entertainment. Is that not sick?

Preparing for holiday dinners and get togethers makes everyone more upset than happy during. Relief is the only thing to feel after.

On top of the gross human greed displayed during the holiday, the season is just frankly annoying and repetitive. All the songs are played on a loop each year, there is no change in routine. It’s freezing unless you live in the tropics, and driving is terrifying.

The food is bland, and every person is annoyingly fake happy. The movies, especially hallmark movies, are heteronormative, always full of white people, and poorly written. Also the plots are all the same. The idea of “Christmas Spirit” has so much audacity behind it in a country where charities have to hold food drives just to eat, in a globalized economy that values money over human life.

The holiday also encourages consumerism in children, which is appalling.

Lastly, the ideas of Santa Clause is really creepy. A man that lives in isolation just breaks into your house once a year and eats your food?

Christmas is seriously the worst holiday.

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