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Why a kindle is worth your money

December 12, 2021

Recently, I picked up a Kindle Paperwhite from target and I haven’t regretted it since. Even though it may seem as though it has a hefty price tag at first (which it totally has, don’t get me wrong) in the long run a kindle can save you hundreds of dollars on books. 

To start off, one thing that I love about the Kindle is how portable it is. Because of its small size, it is incredibly easy to carry with you wherever you go. Rather than lugging around books all day in your bag that are heavy and can easily get damaged, a kindle (preferably with a case) can easily be thrown in a bag and carried wherever you go. This brings me to another point: the kindle makes it so much easier to read! 

The easy and portable style of a Kindle makes it so easy to read wherever you go. In moments where I used to reach for my phone, I now reach for my kindle. It is so easy to pick up and read whenever and wherever you want. Kindles also make it SO EASY to read in bed. While this may sound stupid and a bit overdramatic, a reason that I didn’t read a lot before is that it was a pain to read in bed. Always adjusting so the booklight works just right and not being able to read on your side comfortably are both annoyances that I no longer have to deal with because of the kindle! Another great thing about the kindle and reading in bed is the fact that the Kindle doesn’t have the harsh, blue-lit screen that a phone or iPad. This keeps me from staying awake for hours from the blue light on my phone screen, which I really appreciate.  

Next, a very important part to me personally is how much money you can save on books. If you get a Kindle Unlimited subscription (free for the first few months, for some Kindles) you can get hundreds of free books. You can also save loads with Kindle discounts in the Amazon store. There are also many ways that you can (not very legally) acquire books off the internet for free. While I haven’t done this myself, I have also heard that some libraries offer e-books that you can check out on your Kindle.  

I think that if you have some extra money, the Kindle is something that can make reading easier for those who already have a love for reading but also it can be great for people who want to get back into that love of reading. 


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