Wrestling coach to retire after 25 years

Jimmie Foster has been the head coach of the Central Boys Wrestling Team for 25 years and has made the decision to retire after the 2021-22 season. He helped build the wrestling program from the bottom to the top and truly morphed it into something spectacular during his time.

He was very familiar with the sport even before coaching as he wrestled during his time in college. Ever since Foster took over during the 1997-98 season, he coached 148 wrestlers to qualify for the state tournament and nine wrestlers to become state champions for Central. He deeply cares for his wrestlers and showed his commitment to their lives by helping them get into colleges and even assisting with finding them jobs.

“You want to help kids reach their goals, and things like that, so that’s my motivation,” Foster said.

Off the mat, Foster is a dedicated and hard-working social studies teacher. He plans to stay at Central and continue his impressive teaching career. Foster has been known for his ability to connect with students and form strong relationships. His great skills as a teacher were recognized when he was awarded the Alice Buffet Outstanding Teacher Award in 2018.

“Sometimes you get a group of people that are like little balls of clay and your job is to mold them into something productive,” he said.

Head assistant Coach Matt Storm had wonderful things to say about Foster as a coach and peer. “He’s one of the greatest motivators and coaches that I’ve ever been around,” Storm said. He has known Foster ever since he wrestled under his wing at only twelve years old. “I have known him for 25 years,” he said.

The two have formed a strong bond over the years and have certainly done amazing things for the wrestling program here at Central. Foster’s replacement has not yet been selected, but there is a chance that Storm could fill those shoes.

One recent and exciting career event was the addition of a girl’s wrestling program at Central, which Foster helped establish. Foster’s effort put into the Central Wrestling Program can never be thanked enough and will always be remembered even in years to come. “I think we built a great culture while we were here. OOOSSS,” he ended.