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Standard cars are better than automatics

April 22, 2022

Automatic cars are the most popular cars in several countries, one of those being the United States. Automatic cars became widely used because their automatic transmissions make driving less complicated. 

When cars need to increase speed, their engines need to change gears. Automatic cars adjust the gear to speed ratio as the driver drives, whereas standard cars need the driver to manually change the gear using the car’s stick shift.  

 Standard cars also have a third pedal, a clutch, which has to be carefully used to change gears and turn the engine on and off. First time standard drivers often turn off the engine while driving because the pedal is sensitive. Different societies have culturally adopted automatic cars because there is less to think about and do while driving, so it feels easier. It’s also easier to teach new drivers in an automatic. 

Although, people who choose to avoid driving standard cars are missing out on unique opportunities and experiences that you can’t get in an automatic.  

Driving a manual is like being one with your car. When you change gears, you can feel the machine you’re in jerking and speeding up. Every action the engine is taking is noticeable. The frustration of first learning how to drive in a manual is humbling and gives you a sense of respect for your car. You learn to work with it towards a common goal. It actually feels like you are driving; you’re controlling each action your machine performs. 

That experience is not something a driver can get in an automatic car. 

Besides the level of control and unity with your car, manuals teach responsible driving. Aside from looking at mirrors, watching your speed and being aware of what’s 12 seconds ahead of and behind you, you have to push in the clutch to speed up, slow down and brake without turning off the engine while driving. Your car all of a sudden turning off could cause an accident and is just generally annoying if nothing else. All of these things demand all of a driver’s attention, preventing distracted driving. 

Overall driving a manual instead of an automatic car encourages attentive, responsible drivers, along with a rewarding driving experience.  

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