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Nebraska employers can’t require vaccinations

April 22, 2022

   On Feb. 9th, the Nebraska Unicameral voted 35-7 to pass bill LB 906.  Sen. Ben Hansen introduced the bill. He later had to modify the bill through amendment AM 1675 to limit exemptions to the Covid-19 vaccine. 

   Gov. Pete Ricketts signed the bill into law on Feb. 28th. The law now makes it illegal for employers to require their workers to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or wear masks. 

   The exemption law states that the Department of Health and Human Services has to provide a Covid-19 vaccination exemption form on their websites, which can be downloaded and printed by any person to give to their employer.  

   After workers have filled out this form, the bill states that, “[their] employer must accept and provide a vaccine exemption for all employees who submit a vaccine exemption form”.  

   These exemption forms can be filled out for any personal, religious or medical reason.  

   Employers can only require Covid-19 testing and mask wearing for their employees if they provide them. This is because the law states that employees do not have to follow such protocols if they have to pay for them themselves.  

   The Nebraska Legislature confirmed that this law applies to all Nebraska employers, “…including the State of Nebraska, governmental agencies, and political subdivisions, or any agent of the above organizations”. Although, it has been made clear that the law does not include the United States government, Native American tribes or private membership clubs. 

   Senators who voted for the passing of the bill include Raymond Aguilar, Joni Albrecht, John Arch, Bruce Bostelman, Tom Brandt, Tom Brewer, Tom Briese, Robert Clements, Myron Dorn, Steve Erdman, Michael Flood, Curt Friesen, Suzanne Geist, Tim Gragert, Steve Halloran, Ben Hansen, Mike Hilgers, Robert Hilkemann, Dan Hughes, Mike Jacobson, Mark Kolterman, Brett Lindstrom, Lou Ann Linehan, John Lowe, Mike McDonnell, Adam Morfeld, Mike Moser, Dave Murman, Rich Pahls, Patty Pansing Brooks, Rita Sanders, John Stinner, Justin Wayne, Julie Slama, Lynne Walz, Matt Williams and Anna Wishart. 

   Those senators who didn’t vote or voted against the bill are John Cavanaugh, Machaela Cavanaugh, Carol Blood, Eliot Bostar, Matt Hansen, Jen Day, Wendy DeBoer, Megan Hunt, Steve Lathrop, Terrell McKinney, John McCollister and Tony Vargas. 


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