20 Wordle variants to fill your free time with

Wordle, the insanely popular daily word game, has taken the world’s mornings by storm. There is never a time someone is not talking about how many guesses they got the word in on Twitter. Its popularity reached such high levels that on January 31, 2022, The New York Times purchased the website from its creator, Josh Wardle, for an undisclosed amount, reportedly in the low seven figures. 

With crazes this popular, there are bound to be copycats wanting in on some of the spotlight. This is exactly why so many different variants have sprung up recently. These range from themed versions to variations that flip the original rules on its head. In this article, I will go through 20 of these variants, and if any are as intriguing as the original Wordle, you might want to add some to your daily routine. 


The Original 


  1. Wordle 



The Multipliers 


  1. Quordle 

This functions exactly like Wordle, but you are trying to guess 4 different words at the same time. Each guess is used for every possible word, so the website gives you 9 guesses, 3 more than Wordle’s 6. 


  1. Octordle 

This is the same concept, but here you’re trying to tackle 8 words at once. In exchange, you’re given 13 guesses. 


  1. Sedordle 

You’re given 21 guesses to figure out 16 words at the same time. 



The Parodies 


  1. Hogwartle 

A Harry Potter themed Wordle 


  1. Lordle of the Rings 

A Lord of the Rings themed Wordle 


  1. Star Worldle 

A Star Wars themed Wordle 


  1. Taylordle 

A Taylor Swift themed Wordle 


  1. Byrdle 

A choral music themed Wordle 


  1. Lewdle 

The rules from the original Wordle are the same, but the pool of words that can by guesses are limited to curse words. 


  1. Queerdle 

A yassified version of Wordle 


  1. Letterle 

This is Wordle, but you’re only trying to guess a single letter. 



The Rule Benders 


  1. Worldle 

You are given the shape of a country, state, or territory, and you must guess what it is. If your guess is not correct, the website will tell you how far away the correct answer is. For a harder experience, you can play this without the outline. 


  1. Globle 

You are given a map of the planet and must guess the mystery country. If you are incorrect, the country you guessed will light up a certain color. The darker the color, the closer you are to the mystery country. 


  1. Nerdle 

Instead of trying to guess a word, here, you’re trying to guess a math equation. You must use correct equations as guesses until you can narrow the answer down to one problem. 


  1. Factle 

Here, you’re given a blank list, and your goal is to fill in the top 5 answers. For example, if your list was The top 5 highest grossing movies, you would need to find what you think are the top 5 in that category from the 23 possible options listed at the bottom of the page. 


  1. Crosswordle 

This is Wordle but played backwards. You are given a correct word at the bottom of the page, and you must use blank green, yellow, and gray spaces to work your way back up the grid. 


  1. Heardle 

You are given the first second of a song. You are given 6 guesses to figure out the song. If you wish to listen to more of the song, you can add more seconds in exchange for a guess. 



The Miscellaneous  


  1. Squabble 

This is just Wordle, but it allows you to compete with others online. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Wordle battle royale, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


  1. Absurdle 

This website tries its hardest to keep you from guessing the correct word. Instead of starting with one mystery word, Absurdle starts with the entire pool of possible words that can be guessed. Once you make your first guess, it won’t use any of the letters you guessed and eliminate any word with those letters. As you keep guessing, it will keep filtering words out until it gets down to only one possible word. 


  1. Wordle Archive 

This website serves as a playable collection of every past Wordle.