Dos De Oros offers delicious, authentic tacos

In the parking lot of the O’Reilly Auto Parts shop on South 24th street lies a hidden gem of the Omaha food scene. Dos De Oros, a seemingly inconspicuous taco truck, offers some of the best street tacos that the city has to offer.  

For a grand total of $14, I was able to purchase four tacos along with a large horchata. The service from Dos De Oros is what one would expect from a food truck. The ordering process is simple enough; a large print menu is stationed on the side of the truck and there is a window for ordering. On a busy day, one could wait around ten minutes in line, but the food is prepared promptly, one should only have to wait around five minutes. 

The horchata from Dos De Oros is one of the best in Omaha. The drink is on the sweeter side, but at the same time not overpowering. Compared to others, it has more of a cinnamon taste, and the spices used within the drink are evident. The consistency of the drink is perfect, not too thick but maintaining some of the texture one would expect a good horchata to have.  

While the horchata may have been good, the tacos are what exemplify this truck to the highest level. I ordered four tacos: asada, barbacoa, beans and cheese and al pastor. Each taco came with red and green salsa, along with a topping of white onions, lime, tomatoes and cilantro.  

Asada is a type of marinated beef that is typically grilled or seared to help impart a charred flavor. The asada tacos at Dos De Oros marked all the boxes of a wonderful meal. The asada was very juicy and tender and had a perfect flavor. There were no overwhelming individual spices or elements of the beef, all elements of the marinade collaborated perfectly to create the most wonderful combination of flavors. For some, the asada may have been either too spicy or too heavy on the garlic, but besides that fact I would give the tacos a 4.67-star rating. 

Barbacoa, a dish typically made from beef, was the next taco I tried from Dos De Oros. While the barbacoa was wonderful, I would not give it the same rating as the asada. The taco was tasty, but there was some flavor that was still desired after consummation. The beef was tender and juicy, even more so than the asada, but the flavor was dominated by heat, and there weren’t many other spices that could be tasted over the sheer heat. This could come from the fact that I drenched this taco in the green salsa, which was very spicy, but even the first bite I had without salsa still held this same flavor. Overall, these tacos were still better than many others I have had, which is why I give them a 4.35-star rating. 

Moving onto the beans and cheese tacos, they are exactly what one would expect. I tried these tacos expecting a neutral baseline that could be comparable to other taco trucks/restaurants. That is exactly what I got from the beans and cheese. It is hard to do beans and cheese incredibly well, and Dos De Oros realizes that. It is not their focus. I used these tacos more as a vessel to get the salsa into my mouth, drenching them in both red and green sauce. In the end, these get a 3-star rating because of the salsa. Without the salsa, these would have received 2.25-stars. 

Finally, I tried the al pastor tacos. Al pastor is a dish made with spit grilled pork, often marinated with pineapple and spices. I enjoyed these al pastor tacos to the fullest. The pork was tender and flavorful, even more so than the asada. The pineapple with the dish added a layer of sweetness, something the other tacos weren’t necessarily lacking, but something that added another wonderful flavor to the al pastor tacos. The marriage of the sweetness and spice and heat was near perfect, and I don’t think that Dos De Oros could have done anything extra in the preparation of these tacos. These receive a 5-star rating from me, and for a price of under $3 a taco, it is quite the bargain as well. 

Dos De Oros has some of the best tacos in Omaha. If you are looking for a 5-star sit-down meal that is all pampered and fancy, this is not the place. Amazing customer service and a fun environment is hard to achieve in a food truck, and Dos De Oros understands that. All they offer is an amazing, quick, inexpensive food stop where you will most assuredly have some of the best street tacos of your life, which I think is a good tradeoff.