Junior year brings rewards

Everyone has told me junior year is the hardest. Classes, the ACT, preparing for college, jobs, sports, and combining them all seem to drag down the reputation of the third year of high school. I, however, am finding junior year to be rewarding. 

 All the years of honors classes have paid off and I find myself in advanced placement classes.  All the years of straight A’s seem to be paving the way to a good college.  

I have worked hard every year of school and I am finally seeing my progress. It was difficult to make it through last year because I was doing work but felt like I was never seeing any improvements. Since the seventh grade I have been in honors everything. Anyone can sign up for those classes, but because of the level of difficulty of AP, one must have worked hard in the past to be in the class in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. The reputation of the AP courses makes them feel special to me.  

This year I am in a different spot. I can not only see my progress but am living the high school life I have worked for. I am the section editor on newspaper, AP classes, a sport I am committed to, and knowing what I want for my future are all things I am experiencing this year because of the work I put in last year. 

The experience of the past two years has also paid off. Meeting new people and teachers, knowing where everything is, and learning what to do not to do has made me feel more confident.  

Learning where the door stoppers are so I do not trip on them, is also a benefit. 

I have spent the past two years finding my place. I now know more about myself and what I want to do in the future.  

During my sophomore year I discovered a love for chemistry. I am now taking steps to pursue a career in science. Working all of last year to now be in AP Chemistry, I feel as though every assignment and every test I have studied for has led up to this class I enjoy. 

I am sure the year will get harder as it goes on and I will learn why everyone dislikes their junior year, but as of now I am happy to be a junior.