Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery Pie Review

Farmhouse Café & Bakery is a quaint, homey establishment, off of South 84th Street in Omaha. While the restaurant offers a lengthy menu of traditionally American breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, their kitchen staff truly excels at baked goods-specifically their pies. Upon my arrival a colorful glass case housing a myriad of delectable pies greeted me at the door, a cheerful cherry pie in particular catching my eye. My order was a break from my tradition of typically ordering a cream pie and I was quite pleased with my choice.

Farmhouse’s cherry pie has a beautifully baked buttery golden-brown crust, a delightfully ruby red, tart and sweet cherry filling. Although there was nothing wrong with the pie’s texture or aesthetics, personally I did not find it sweet enough. The pie’s crust was almost too buttery and I wish it had been slightly sweeter, given the pie’s filling was incredibly tart, if either the filling or the crust was slightly sweeter the overall taste of the pie would have been greatly improved.

Despite my limited enjoyment of the pie’s sweetness, the pie was very well priced & I was served quickly which was enjoyable for a busy gal on a budget. While my slice of Farmhouse cherry pie did not entirely satisfy my sweet tooth, the establishment’s homey, friendly feel, made my dining experience a pleasant one & I would recommend Farmhouse to anyone seeking a decent piece of pie.