Village Inn Silk Pie Review

I love French silk pie, but I was highly disappointed Village Inn’s.

I think one of the major faults of this pie was the whipped cream to chocolate filling ratio. There was an overwhelming amount of whipped cream, and at times I could not even taste the chocolate. When there was filling in my bite, the flavor was too sweet. So much so, that after a while my stomach began to hurt.

Another significant flaw in Village Inn’s pie is the crust. For their French silk pie, they use a standard crust, one you would buy pre-packaged at any store. It was incredibly dry and bland, and made the pie even more mediocre. I think a chocolate crust would have complimented the flavors better.

A small detail that added to the overall flavor in a positive way, were the chocolate shavings on top. There was a substantial amount, and they didn’t overpower the other flavors already present.

I purchased my pie to-go because the atmosphere at Village Inn is not desirable. The stores have an outdated look with dark lighting, carpeted floors, and miscellaneous pictures of random landscapes on the walls. Many local shops have a much more appealing aesthetic with more unique flavor options with higher quality ingredients.

Personally, I prefer to support local businesses, and suggest everyone else do the same. Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and in turn by supporting them you put money directly back into our community.

An area where I cannot complain is the price. The total before taxes and a tip was only $14 for a whole pie. This is a good deal, but you get what you pay for and if I was given the opportunity, I would not purchase this again.

Village Inn does have a good deal on Wednesdays. They give a free slice of pie with every entrée purchased from 10 AM to 10 PM. But even with this benefit I will not go back.  While thy do have a lengthy list of other options to try, overall the negatives outweigh the positives.

As a lover of everything chocolate, I was disappointed in the execution from Village Inn. I have had better pie from the frozen section of the grocery store, for half the price. If you’re looking for somewhere to get a good slice, I suggest looking elsewhere.