Bubbly Tart Review

While the Bubbly Tart has many things on the menu, I chose a chocolate strawberry tart: Tasteful chocolate crust with a strawberry jam filling and layered chocolate frosting.

I enjoyed the differing textures of filling, frosting, and crust.

I appreciated the chocolate crust, but it fell short of comparing to graham cracker crust.

The gooey strawberry jam filling reminded me of the kind my grandmother used to make, the kind I would only eat in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was sweet and blended with the chocolate to form a symphony of flavor in my mouth.

And the chocolate frosting was nothing short of impeccable.

It had a nice ratio of strawberry and chocolate, however the chocolate did overpower the strawberry.

Overall, the tart had a classic yet fun presence almost a business casual taste if you will.

The tart had a classic look but was not plain. Topped with a single sliced strawberry on top of a sphere of frosting.

The décor did not draw me in, nor did it push me away.

It seemed to complement the flavor. A timeless look but not too plain.

When it comes to price, individual tarts are $6.50. I was a little skeptical because the tarts appeared small. Instead, however, half the tart was almost too much to eat in one sitting. They were filled and had plenty of layers to fill the stomach.

The Bubbly Tart has so many more treats I was eyeing. I could separate the tart from its baker, but I did not have to. The employees were pleasing and patient waiting for me to decide. I recommend not only the chocolate strawberry tart but the Bubbly Tart as a whole.