BookTok at Central

The online community has reignited students’ passion for reading

Almost a year ago, Lucy Puls decided to buy the book “It Ends With Us” because she had seen it all over TikTok. She had never liked reading, but since so many people were talking about it, she decided to give it a try. This book started her love for reading and books and now she reads constantly. While teens were locked in their houses during the pandemic, many picked up the hobby of reading. Social media, especially TikTok, has had a major influence in what books they have been reading.  

Much like the earlier BookTube, BookTok is a community on the social media platform TikTok where people make a variety of videos, all revolving around reading and books. Book recommendations, book hauls, and reading tropes are the videos that are common to see.  


BookTok has helped students reignite their passion for reading. “I never used to read, I hated books” says freshman Audriana Reese. “But the books I’ve been reading because of BookTok slay, they’re so good.” Puls also said “I got back into reading… because I kept seeing books and books and books on TikTok.”  

One of the most popular authors on BookTok is Colleen Hoover. The romance author has been known over the past decade in other book communities online, but nothing compares to her TikTok fame. Since blowing up online in 2020 her sales have skyrocketed. By October of 2022, Hoover had sold 8.6 million print books. Half of the books on the Top 10 bestsellers list are Hoover’s books.  


Puls said, “Her writing style and the types of books she writes just interest a lot of people.”  

While most people have had to either buy the print books from stores or download the online versions, the Central Library will soon be holding these books.  

Librarian Jennifer Kawecki said, “Many students have asked for Colleen Hoover books…Some of these will be on our next order.”