Moyan Iceplex Review

The Moylan Iceplex is an ice-skating rink that is a good option for students living closer to West Omaha. The entrance costs $9.95 for people over 12 years old and $7.95 for those younger. Two rinks are available, but only one is open to the general public. Both rinks are large and have multiple entrances onto the ice. The location is in an easy-to-find spot, and parking is accessible. 

At first glance, the rink was crowded and loud, proving the complex has a reputation for being a hangout for middle schoolers and younger kids. Many attractions were for children, such as a small arcade area possessing fun prizes. The Iceplex is an ideal environment for people who want to take a little brother or sister skating. For teenagers and adults, it may be less entertaining.  

The concession stands held snacks and drinks one would expect slushies, popcorn, candy, and hot chocolate were all available. The stand was organized similarly to one in a movie theater and had comparable prices. The employees were present, willing to help, and fast. By the concessions was the snack and rest area. This area was decently sized but could have been cleaner.  

There were many people on and off the rink; fortunately, there were multiple entrances, but some were placed in small areas, making them harder to approach. The rink is helpful for beginners; Handrails are alongside the edge, skater helpers are available for kids, and multiple exits and spots to take a break. 

Outside the rink, a generously sized watch area accommodates parents who want to keep an eye on their kids without being out on the ice. The ice was usually smooth and cleaned in an appropriate amount of time, considering how many people were there. 

The actual ice skates were the most significant problem for me. The skate rental process was easy, and the employees were helpful, but the skates could have been better. They seemed old and unclean and were so uncomfortable my ankles still hurt hours later.  

Overall, this isn’t an unpleasant place for a quick skate or hangout. However, it would become irritating for longer skates or older attendees.