UNMC Ice Rink Review

Quaint, quiet, quality. Ice skating at the UNMC ice rink feels similar to a fairytale. The small rink is secluded within UNMC’s Leavenworth campus and offers the perfect refuge from often middle schooler packed rinks.  

The rink is completely outdoor, aside from the small hut that one must walk into to rent skates and pay the cost of admission. I believe outdoor rinks to be superior because one truly feels immersed in a winter wonderland. There is something about the harsh fluorescent lights, hordes of middle school skaters, and the wafting smells of fried food from concession stands, at indoor rinks that, personally, sets me over the edge anxiety wise.  

I have frequented UNMC’s rink throughout my childhood, and I have never skated there with more than one or two groups on the ice at the same time as me. A number of skaters, I find to be perfect, not too few that it feels like a ghost town, but not too many that I feel self-conscious of my inability to stay on my skates without falling frequently.  

I also have found that UNMC’s outdoor rink is slightly cheaper than the indoor rinks i’ve ventured to. The cost of admission at UNMC is quite reasonably priced at $7 per person, whereas at indoor rinks I’ve paid as much as $15.  

If you’re looking for a secluded, scenic, reasonably priced place to skate, -UNMC should be your destination!