Awit Mamer proves to be an excellent leader

Senior Awit Mamer is the humblest star player in Nebraska.  

He is the highest scoring Central varsity player this season, who has recently been put in the position of team captain. Mamer has stepped up this season as both a leader and a player, averaging 13.4 points per game and racking up over 215 points in the season so far, according to MaxPreps. 

Before he was the team captain of a varsity basketball team, he started out like everyone else.  

“I started in elementary school,” Mamer said. “I liked it, so I just kept playing.”  

The roots of the game stayed with him as he continued to pursue basketball through middle and high school. 

Throughout his career, he’s played with many captains, especially at Central. Mamer credits them with his leadership skills now and his ability to help his team. 

 “They showed me the way,” Mamer said. “How to run a team. How to be a good leader.”  

The leadership skills passed down to Mamer clearly translates when talking with Central Basketball Coach Bruce Chubick. “His style is leading by example,” Chubick said. “He’s a quiet leader but he shows them what to do.”  

 Chubick said the team is full of new players and it has been hard work building the team up. So, he was relieved to find a hardworking player like Mamer.  

“He’s pretty good at a lot of stuff,” Chubick said. “He’s multifaceted, which is useful.” 

Though described as quiet, Mamer’s influence on the team is loud. Despite having to adjust to a younger group of players and a new head coach, the team stayed stable with a high percentage of wins (10-6). This becomes increasingly important as the team looks to the next steps in the season. 

“The big goal is to win state,” Mamer said, “but first we got to get there.”  

Mamer shared this goal with Chubick. “We want to get to Pinnacle Bank Arena,” Chubick said. 

As for Mamer’s future goals specifically, he sets his sights on college basketball, but has remained uncommitted so far this season.