U.S. Secretary of Education tours Omaha Bryan

United States Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, visited Nebraska on February 8th, a day after President Biden’s State of the Union address. Cardona toured Bryan High School to discuss its academic pathways. 

“Last night the President talked about the opportunities public schools give and how public schools can shape our country,” Cardona said. “I chose to come to this school the day after President Biden’s speech because Bryan does it right and Omaha Public Schools does it right in regards to pathways.” 

 Cardona talked about how these pathways offer lifetime skills that go beyond high school. 

“The pathways at this school are more evolved than most schools I’ve seen,” Cardona said. “They connect pathways to careers outside of school as well as skills that can transfer from one career to another.”  

After the tour of the pathways, Cardona sat down with students to discuss their experiences with pathways. The students explained how the pathways help them form stronger bonds with their teachers and improve class involvement. In addition, pathways introduce the students to potential job opportunities in their field of interest. 

“The pathways allow for the students to get a step ahead in employment,” Cardona said. “At the end of the day, it’s the people business.”  

Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Logan was also present and discussed the benefits of the pathways.  

“We are honored by this opportunity,” Logan said. “It shows our district wide commitment to prepare students for success in college and their careers.” 

After his visit at Bryan, Cardona met with therapists and administrators to discuss mental health in schools.