Rules, regulations made junior year feel safe

Summer break was ending, and the beginning of my junior year was starting. I savored every last day because I dreaded going back to school. People told me that junior year is the absolute worst, but I was more afraid of the terrifying events engraved in my mind repeating all over again. But to my surprise, Central implemented a lot of new rules which some may think are stupid, but I finally feel safe again.  

That feeling you get before a fight starts, when everything gets quiet, the only thing you can hear is shoes squeaking, and everything feels like it is moving in slow motion is rare now. Most fights are getting stopped before they even start.  

Getting yelled at by the administration at a football game because the chant you did is “too mean” can be annoying, but they want to make sure no one gets hurt, along with the security guards standing at the top of the student section. Not only has security increased at sporting events but every time I leave class, I see a security guard roaming the halls. I have never personally seen one use their authority while they are taking their laps around the hallways, but I do get a good laugh out when the skippers hear security coming and they bolt somewhere else.  

Every time I see a mass shooting on the news, I always wonder what would have happened if our threat last year was real. I also have thought about my escape plans in every classroom in the building and I know other students who have too, which is a really sad reality we have come to live with. But it is the reason why I think the newly implemented doors rule is so smart. If you are caught opening a door for anyone to enter the school, you get suspended. If someone gets mad that you will not open a door for them that sucks for them, like seriously how lazy do you have to be to not want to walk to the three side doors.  

I am happy my parents did not let me transfer schools, because now I can finally remember why I love coming to school every day.