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24 habits to take up in 2024

1. Make your bed  

Starting the day off by making your bed is an easy accomplishment to achieve. It is something you can check off your to-do list right away. And who doesn’t love getting in a made bed at night? 

2. Stay hydrated 

Hydration is so good for your body. Staying hydrated may mean drinking a glass of water when you wake up or drinking a bottle of water throughout the day. Being hydrated varies from person to person, but it is good for everyone. 

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3. Express yourself without consequences 

We all have so many emotions throughout the day, but not all of them need to be voiced. But they do need to escape and be expressed. Start journaling, writing, doing art, making music—anything to relax and express yourself without consequences. 

4. Tell people you love them 

So often, we think of someone and miss them. But we don’t take the extra step to call or text, and then we forget and continue missing them. Get into the habit of sharing your thoughts and sending a quick text when you’re thinking of someone you love.  

5. Pick up your room before bed 

This is a nice way to wind down your day. And when you wake up, you have a clean room and one less thing to do. 

6. Do the little things your future self will appreciate 

Do the simple tasks you are putting off, such as laundry or putting away clothes. Make the next day simpler for your future self. 

7. Start an assignment the day you get it 

When we get a task, we often put it off because we are unsure of the difficulty level and how long it will take. But if you start it early, you will know how long it will take and will be more likely to take it on. 

8. Schedule out big tasks 

Schedule out big papers, applications, or anything that will take a lot of time and effort. A schedule will make the task less scary and will give you something to check off every day.  

9. Stretch when you wake up 

Take five minutes at the start of the day to wake your body up in a pleasant way. 

10. Give yourself deadlines 

It is hard to achieve something if nothing is pushing you to do so. Set goals for yourself and give deadlines to them so you can achieve them. 

11. Wind down before bed 

Winding down before bed will help you to fall asleep faster. Having a bedtime routine can help you wind down. It could consist of skincare, cleaning up your room, setting out things for the next day, or reading. 

12. Set your alarm a few minutes early 

When you get up, you can take your time to get out of bed and go at your own speed in the morning.  

13. Go through your social media following 

Take a couple of minutes and go through the social media you follow. Take time to mute and unfollow so you can feel free to be yourself and get rid of accounts that are bad for your mental health. 

14. Go on walks 

Get in the habit of going on walks either by yourself or with someone to clear your head and give yourself a break in the middle of the day. I recommend a simple walk around your neighborhood or walking to the nearest park. 

15. Change things  

Stop doing something you hate. Take the time to change things, such as your outfit in the morning if you don’t like it or the room decor you keep staring at.  

16. Bring aspects of balance into life 

Make sure you are balancing your mental health, social life, and work life. Balance is the key to making sure one doesn’t take over the others and leave you with nothing. I recommend keeping a schedule to keep track. 

17. Get off electronics at least 15 minutes before bed 

Staying on your phone until you fall asleep is only keeping your brain awake and making you tired in the morning. Get off electronics as part of your night routine and wind down without them. 

18. Appreciate the little things 

Stop and look around at life every once in a while. Take a couple minutes to admire the world around you and appreciate where you are in life. 

19. Move around throughout the day 

This doesn’t mean you have to run or even exercise every day. Stretch, do yoga, go for a walk, or just take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

20. Clean out little spaces  

Often, we look at the entire picture and feel overwhelmed. If you clean one little space per week, such as your desk, your room or your house, your week will not only end clean but truly organized. 

21. Let things go 

So often, we spend our energy holding onto negative things. Make a habit of letting things go and holding onto the good things in life. 

22. Introduce yourself 

Make a habit of introducing yourself, talking, and reaching out first. We will never be at a point in our lives where it is too late to meet someone or make a new friend. Meet new people and get to know them to expand your life. 

23. Be supportive 

Be supportive of the people you love. Be helpful and give advice when people ask, but always make sure it is with the best intent. 

24. Believe in yourself 

Get into the habit of believing in yourself. Be your own biggest fan because no one else is. Rebut negative thoughts with what is real and be there for yourself through the rest. 

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