Tips on life

Makenna Anderson, Staff Writer

When it comes to changing the world, sometimes I feel a little helpless. I wonder how one person out of 5.77 billion can do anything that can make a difference. But then I remember that there 5.77 billion people out there and, if we all came together, we could be living in a different world. Out of the 5.77 billion people, I have 2,700 that I can reach that attend this very school in the middle of Downtown Omaha to give tips to on how to help the environment, talk to about social issues and more. So here goes my first column about a topic that I am very passionate about- the environment.  

As I’m writing this, the Amazon Rainforest is burning. The deforestation is devastating, and it’s all because of irresponsible farmers and land developers starting fires to clear the land. To help combat this, purchase brands that are FSC approved. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies that paper and wood products are harvested responsibly and ethically. They make sure that companies use trees at a sustainable rate and conserve habitats as well. So, instead of buying from a business that might be using trees from the Amazon unethically, look for brands with a little tree and the letters FSC in the corner. 

Another way to help nature is to use reusable bags! According to The World Counts, the average family will use 60 bags for four trips to the grocery store. That’s a lot of plastic. If those bags were to get out to the environment, it would pollute the ecosystem, even if it degrades. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it photodegrades. This means the plastic becomes microscopic pieces, and it’s very toxic. Animals that we eat can ingest this, and in turn, we eat the animal full of plastic. Sounds yummy, right? Bringing reusable bags to shop benefits the environment and it could benefit you. Some stores like Target give you five cents back for every reusable bag you bring to the store. Next time you go shopping, bring a reusable bag to save money and the environment. 

Little things like this may seem small, but if we all do our part, we can save one more tree or stop one more plastic bag from polluting the environment. Catch you next edition, and let’s work to stop anymore destruction of this beautiful planet.