How corona is effecting the community


Sophia Sgourakis

As young journalists, it is our job to report on these historical times in our lives. Right now, we are living through history that our own kids will learn about during history class. It is important to document what our lives are really like during this time. 

Although people’s own health is at risk here, so is the economy. People are getting laid off, not having enough money to buy things. Restaurants, businesses and particularly anything that is typically open to the public is closing.  

In my family, working at restaurants runs in our blood. Therefore, this time is especially rough for us. At first, people started voluntarily not going out to eat. Then, only 10 customers were allowed in at once. But finally, action was taken to say that only delivery and curb side pick-up was permitted. 

My grandpa owns a Greek restaurant called Greek Islands. It’s been an Omaha classic for about 40 years. It is hard for my grandpa to see his restaurant sales going down and knowing there is nothing he can do about it. Especially with his underlying health conditions, he is advised to stay home. Therefore, he must trust his brother that he will run the restaurant as best as he can.  

As for my dad, he currently works for CMC, a company that owns Paradise Bakery, Oklahoma Joe’s, Jams American Grill, First Watch and Domino’s. Within the first couple days of the Coronavirus outbreak, the company had decided to temporarily close both Jams location and all First Watch locations. Paradise and Oklahoma Joe’s cut their business hours short and decided to only staff about two people a day as only pick up orders were allowed.  

Those two restaurants that my dad is currently overseeing are not making more than 2,000 dollars a day. But it is important to realize that they could be doing way worse, possibly bringing in no money. It was clear to see that CMC was not earning nearly as much money as normal. Hourly employees were being laid off and only salary managers kept their jobs. 

For my dad, it is scary to think about what could happen to his income. It could definitely be cut short, or even gone completely. Luckily my mom still earns an income and there is no way hers would be taken away. 

The Coronavirus has taken so much away from people and families. It truly is a scary thing that is hard to even understand. But for now, my dad will try to keep open the two remaining restaurants. As I’m writing, the virus is only in the beginning stages which seems hard to understand because of the damage it has already caused thus far.