Yeat drops second studio album

Yeat is an up-and-coming 21-year-old rapper from Portland, Oregon. He gained recognition in 2021 for his mixtape 4L, which included a few songs that became viral on TikTok. He then went on to release “Up 2 Më” which received tons of positivity and further propelled him to mainstream attention. Yeat’s singing and rapping style takes inspiration from well-known rappers like Young Thug and Future.

“2 Alivë” includes features from popular rappers Young Thug and Gunna. On “Outsidë”, Young Thug does not hold back on his verse and definitely carries the track. However, Gunna’s feature on “Rackz got më” is much less impressive. I do not hate his verse, but it gets a little repetitive and I really feel that he could’ve shown out more instead of trying to match Yeat’s exact style. Gunna is already great at what he does and while I understand trying to experiment with different sounds, it simply did not heighten the track this time around.

My personal favorite tracks off this album include “Outsidë”, “On tha linë”, “Jus bëtter”, and “Poppin”.

“Outsidë” makes me feel like I am at a party. The beat starts off normal, then becomes softer after a few seconds, and then starts over to repeat. Yeat’s producer did an outstanding job with this beat as usual while also making something different sound good. The mellow beat compiled with Yeat’s frequently changing flows, background vocals, and previously mentioned feature from Young Thug make this song stand out and work perfectly.

“On tha linë” includes one my personal favorite beat off the album. The production on this track, like many of Yeat’s songs, is phenomenal. Additionally, Yeat goes crazy over the beat by switching flows and playing with his vocals. Overall, this is easily a top three track off the album and exactly what I have been expecting from Yeat since “Up 2 Më”.

“Jus bëtter” shares many similarities with many of the tracks off Yeat’s previous album which is why I think I love it so much. The familiar bell effects and background vocals over the beat completely took me back and put a smile on my face. This track brings together almost all the best aspects of Yeat’s music as a whole.

The upbeat sound of “Poppin” is unmatched. The production on this track is very impressive considering how all the small details found in the beat somehow come together to produce a song that almost radiates the feeling of a good day.

Not every song on “2 Alivë” appeals to me but quite a few as already touched upon certainly do. The beauty in this album and Yeat’s previous works are that the tracks are all unified and similar but still completely unique in their own minuscule ways. Yeat absolutely delivered the heat that was expected of this project and will hopefully continue to evolve as an artist and create more high-quality music soon.