Engage your students

Teachers are constantly asking students to get off their phones in class. To state simply, if teachers put effort into their lessons and tried to engage the students, they would not have the problem of students being on their phones in class. 

Teachers at Central say students are not important enough to be on their phones or say they need to pay attention to what is being taught. The teachers that have the problem of phones in class are often the ones who put the smallest amount of effort they can into lessons. 

When a student is sitting in class, the subject they are learning is not the only thing on their mind. If a teacher is putting minimal effort into teaching a lesson, a student will not find it important enough to learn it. Even if a student tries, they often struggle, because teaching yourself something new is never easy.  

After the frustration a student will experience, the phone will now step into place to provide an escape from the classroom and the lesson. As a student, one can figure something is only as important as the teacher makes it seem. If a teacher does not put in effort, why should a student?  

Without the knowledge of how to complete an assignment, a student will simply stop trying. Teenagers can get by without doing homework. They might fail high school, but they can get by. Therefore, a student can spend the day on their phone and will do so if they continue to be unengaged in class.  

Teachers in class continue to get angry when students are on their phones without realizing they are the problem. Giving students busy work instead of teaching them will result in a lot of missing assignments and a lot of unhappy teachers.  

Phones allow communication from one student to another, usually speaking in a field of similar interest. If that student just simply felt the lesson was important and worth getting off their phone, they would do it. They would pause their communication and focus on allowing the communication the teacher is trying to get them to receive to enter their minds. 

Some teachers connect with the students without fail. Some, however, do not try at all to connect with the students. Whether they do not feel it is worth their time or are afraid of trying will continue to be a mystery to the world. 

No harm can come from trying. Teachers should do the job they were hired to do and try to teach something to the students. Phones in class will continue to be used unless the teacher feels it is worth trying.