Fashion Club creates outlet for self-expression

Fashion club has been a part of the Central community for two years now, but this school year has allowed them to fully institute their goals as an organization.   

Co-leaders Eva Casady and Maleyna Navarette want to focus on localizing the fashion industry and establish fashion as an achievable career to Central students.  

Every Tuesday, the club meets and starts the meeting off with a “designer of the week.”  

“Me and Eva will take turns choosing the designer, and we try to find a local artist, but we branch out to designers all over the world. I think it allows people who are interested in fashion to see a career in the field more achievable. When they see other people in their community with the same passion succeed; it puts things into perspective,” Navarette said.   

From here, the club gets straight into the creative process, including projects such as tote bags, scarfs from recycled sleeves they thrifted from Goodwill, or unique vests that each member designed on their own. “We provide all of the patterns for them, and every member gets to keep what they make. Observing that process is really special-and it allows people to explore creativity while expanding their wardrobe,” Casady said.  

First year attendee Alicia Lathan says the club has done nothing but promote creativity for her.  

“The environment is so inclusive. I had no prior experience before joining fashion club, but I’ve picked it up quick and have been able to create some super cool projects. It’s amazing because you could create the absolute most atrocious thing, and everyone will find a way to compliment you,” Lathan said.   

Casady furthered the discussion expressing that regardless of your ability, sewing is a great life skill to have. “Learning to repair clothes, or even up-cycle items you thrift is just as important as the creative aspect of our lessons. We implemented this with our scarf project, and we try to associate a sense of environmental consciousness within our meetings.”  

But fashion club hopes to achieve more than that; they want to create a safe environment for all forms of self-expression. 

“You can be yourselves and do whatever you want. It’s really nice to see people break norms in fashion, and really experiment with their look,” Navarette said. “It’s inspiring, and me and Eva really want to create a place that allows everyone to explore that.”